Saturday, December 27, 2008

Madi Gray , author of article below, with Tormod Nesset

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copyright photo: Gulshera

"Mady Gray was born in Cape Town. A critic of apartheid since her student days, she left South Africa and moved to Sweden where she joined the ANC of South Africa and the solidarity movement The Africa Groups of Sweden, in the same year. Gray worked as a freelance journalist and editor and contributed to the anti-apartheid struggle in various ways, particularly through writing articles and appearing on public platforms, speaking to a variety of audiences including preschool children, trade unionists and peace activists. Currently she works as a tourist guide and enjoys showing her guests how the problems in South Africa are being resolved." By Bertil Högberg:

Tormod and I met Madi Gray in Stockholm in 1995. A S.African citizen, living in exile. We stayed overnight in Stockholm as we were appearing the next morning as " special guests" on a national morning television programme on the twinning concept.

Sweden, nationally was interested in exploring " where to from here" after years of sanctions against apartheid SA.There was a need to move forward from ISAK campaign(Isolate SA Campaign) with the onset to our democracy in 1994.

The television interview was conducted in Swedish and Tormod replied in Swedish, while I was interviewed in English. The brief interview was " nerve recking" , especially the fact that the twinning relationship was young and fragile. The commitment of Tormod and the 1 million that were involved in ISAK, motivates us to ensure that democracy works in SA.

"Mr. Nesset was one of the people who initiated the establishment of the local ISAC group in Oskarshamn, Sweden. Here he is telling us about how ISAC developed into a big organisation in Oskarshamn. He is also telling us about the cooperation with the municipality as well as what happened to the local ISAC group when the liberation struggle within South Africa was won." Bertil Högberg

Interviews with Madi and Tormod Nesset by Bertil Högberg is on the web. Read about their years of commitment and dedication in solidarity work.

Tormod's commitment and continued support to our country and especially our town is deeply appreciated.