Friday, January 16, 2009


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1. SCHOOL MAGAZINE - Jai Hind Jive, Report Back by Bash , a 2003 delegate ( a school initiative)

2. Port Shepstone Secondary School - Short report in 2008 school magazine

3. Local Newspapers - the two dominate newspapers, South Coast Herald and South Coast Fever have always given wide coverage. Invitations to AGMs, Report Back meetings and any other twin news and activity are always given coverage. This is appreciated.

4. Twin Newsletters were distributed to broad membership and any person interested in twinning as early as 1996. (Refer to above article).

This is still the norm; newsletters are distributed at end of year and are much longer. In addition, our AGM's are held mid year. Depending on the activity, there are also additional Report Back meetings.

Since early days, the PSTA board meetings have been held on the last Thursday of every month. This has not changed. g.k