Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Challenges from First invitation to date

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1. Photo above: A picnic at Oribi George at the end of the 2 week programme (First Oskarshamn Delegation in 1994). We had invited Ronnie, who in turn invited Pauline. Both, principals at that time. Her photography continues to speak volumes.

2. Invitation to Oskarshamn - letter dated 23 January 1995. There aren't words to express our feeling of jubilation.

3. The first SA delegation - 1995:
Themba, Fana, Emily, Selvan, Anton, Johan, Pauline and Gulshera.

It was difficult and continues to be so as not all elected on the Twinning Committee were invited. (refer to letter above)Selection criteria of delegates continues to be a challenge, especially so few persons have travelled abroad. The way forward was challenging and we had to ensure consensus at a broad level in selection of delegation especially in terms of racial and gender balance. The first transitional council nominated Themba- first black deputy mayor and Pauline, mayor to be part of this delegation ( although it was a civil society invitation. PSTA always included municipality)

Developing country versus developed country norms and values, needs, priorities, synchronisation of times and dates, differing structure and accountability, etc are challenging issues. We learning daily and co-operating towards mutual interest.

4. Themba: Themba in Oskarshamn was very popular. He enjoyed the attention.

5. Nesset Home:
Photograph of the family in 1995. A home away from home. Always welcomed.