Sunday, January 4, 2009


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On that afternoon of the first workshop, my first telephonic communication with Johan was positive. Refer to letter above.

To my surprise, within 2 days, he replied (read above).

Our first twinning meeting held on 6 December 1994 at Practical Ministry offices.

"Vividly, I remember the first meeting of this newly elected committee and only the three of us attended, i.e. Johan van der Walt, Emily Mavundla and myself. We had no agenda and did not know what to discuss. But most significantly, the twinning process at local level began here. We discussed our culture. For Johan, it was his first opportunity to ever communicate with a Black and Indian Female. The contribution of twinning in this type of reconciliation cannot be over emphasized.
This was the beginning of our internal nation building process".

Extract from a speech delivered at an international conference in Oskarshamn in 1998


1 Themba playing at one of the soccer machine.
2.We learnt that Fana Sishi, member of the Port Shepstone Peace committee and trade union was very talented. He could compose and sing beautifully.
3. Johan was so excited to see a miniature trolley. We all were.