Sunday, January 4, 2009


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Original documents displayed above:

1. Invitation to first twinning workshop.
2. Attendance register.
3. Invitation to child welfare organisations - both urban and rural
4. Open invitation to NGO's to plan the first delegation programme.
5. Swedish delegation creating bonds at workshop.

At this first workshop, after a two week programme, we had no idea why we were meeting. There was so much of international interest in our country, that personally I felt-- " it is one of those, wanting to see and go" Never heard of ISAK.

A short presentation by the delegates was followed by a motivation by Tormod in an amateur video. Tormod impressed the need to formalise a partnership and elect a committee. We obeyed their wishes. Why?

Karl Bloom motivated the need to elect one person from the municipality in his absence. He had a 5 minute meeting with Johan van der Walt, a town engineer and his name was proposed. Negative as I/we was/were, I/we obeyed the Swedes. This can be understood coming from a background such as ours, just 6 months in our new found democracy.

Persons elected were: Emily Mavundla - Betania creche, Lynette Zwande- principal of a school in Kwa Madlala, Mrs Ngobese- vice principal of Inala Combined School and David Memela of Practical Ministries and myself as the co-ordinator. Off couse Johan van der Walt. ( We have become great buddies after our trip together to Sweden. I respect him for his courage and honesty)

The reaching out to all communities and desperate need to twin internally as part of a reconciliation process was always a key focus by many. This belief, passion and commitment was and still is a driving force that keeps us going and not giving up.